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Lamitrade Kft

Herr Gabor Csosz

Szilas u. 2
2142 Nagytarcsa


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LAMITRADE Printing, Trading and Service Ltd. was established in 2008. Our goal is to solve and simplify the every day life of digital studios and printing companies by using the machines and consumables we sell in the field of printing binding. Our colleagues have many years of experience in the printing industry, so we are happy to provide you with professional advice as well. At the heart of our service is the satisfaction of our customers, which we want to achieve with high quality, high quality products, services, precision and reliability. As a supplier of post press solutions, we strive to provide customized, customized solutions to our customers, from complete design to conception, design and implementation to operation, maintenance and service.

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Duplo rezalnik DocuCutter DC-645, rezalnik Duplo DC-645
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Duplo rezalnik DocuCutter DC-645, rezalnik Duplo DC-645
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