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Balers Market

Herr Marcin Recko

Ligonia 13
47161 Szymiszow


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Balers Market is a place were you can find a big stock of second hand waste balers of all types and sizes. We have machines in different conditions, but always relative to its price! You will find here all the most popular brands of machines: Orwak, HSM, Strautmann, Bramidan, Dixi, PAAL, Avermann, Presto etc. Throughout past few years we gained many contacts from this market, so we are also able to find almost any machine you will need.

We are a company supplying dealers of such machines allover the Europe, and we are always open for new longlasting cooperation. We work with many transport companies, which means no shipping problems for you.

We will make sure that working with us would be a benefit for both sides. Please contact us if you need any additional information!

Balers Market.

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